In recent years, the world of light to literally upset by environmental awareness. The manufacturers of lighting sources, driven by momentum and by the elimination of incandescent lamps, have and are still daily enormous progress in the performance and quality of light of new technologies.

Today, the LED is described as the light source of the future in all kinds of industries.
Quality LED declined in all color temperatures today is adaptable to all projects.

In addition to these intrinsic qualities, a real economy of scale is calculable by performance excellence, and the life of the product 20 times the halogen!

Discharge lamps (metal halide) are now fully mature. In some projects (facades, large trees, etc …), these lamps do not fail to appeal by the excellent performance / power consumption.

The approach to each project, iLIGHT always gives priority to respect for energy, without compromising on the quality of the final result.

Since 1983, Didier COURBE is active in the entertainment world and specifically in the stage lighting.

Exclusive importer and distributor of prestigious brands in Belgium and Canada for over 20 years, he has designed and installed more than a hundred theaters and opera houses worldwide.

In 1996 with his partner Quebecers Sylvain Pelletier, he opened an office in Las Vegas that will open the doors of Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion …
Later, it will also provide all the lighting equipment for show DREAM set design by Franco Dragone.

Today focused on architectural lighting, it brings a new perspective on how to illuminate a building. He approaches it with poetry, which follows naturally from its experience in set design.

In November 2012, the DCD Lighting Concept company was bought by a large group of Germans and Luxembourgers investors.

iLight sarl was born. Didier Courbe will bring its know-how to spéciaisé group in the recovery and the creation of luxury hotels around the world.